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the-vaultThe Re-mains have recently launched a new subscription product called the ‘The Vault’

Subscribers gain exclusive access to a broad cross-section of Country Rock & Roll history, as perpetrated by any of the several peripatetic Re-Mains line-ups from 2002 – 2009.

Included are live tracks from various recorded sessions at Darwin ABC studios in August 2004, out-takes from the live album Loves Last Stand in May 2006 and the ABC Pilot for Live in Your Loungeroom at Bentleigh Hall in July 2005.

You can play and download a selection of tracks and access will be valid for 1 year.

You can also become a Free Member to access the free content as it becomes available.

Why not do your bit in support of Country Rock & Roll subscribe to the Vault, it will be the best $25.00 you ever spent!

Tracks available in ‘The Vault’ include versions of:

1. Black Aspirin

2. In the Wake of Britney Spears

3. Bye Bye Byron Bay

4. Free At Last

5. Hole for a Heart

6. Horse

7. I want every make of Holden ever made

8. Roberts Road

9. Smittys Blues

10. White Dress

also previously unreleased songs ‘Same Road’ and the traditional Irish lament, ‘She Moved Through The Fair’.

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