Back’o’Bouke Tails & How To Cook’em

Back'o'Bourke Tails and How To Cook'em
A collection of original campfire meals and bush poetry written by Ron Wilson and Andrew Hull.

‘Have a good laugh and hopefully a good feed’

From the Authors

Having read Back’o’Bourke Tails & How To Cook’em, you will now find yourselves equipped for the nightly campfires under the outback skies during your travels. All your fellow campers will gasp in awe, as you expertly throw together mouth watering meals night after night with apparent ease.

After the meal you will no doubt entertain the campers with a string of bush recitals, with the resulting laughter and tears drifting late into the night. Making their emotions ebb and flow on an ocean of rhyme, carried on a raft of humour only to be dashed upon the rocks of tragedy.

Pretty soon word will spread that “yours” is the campfire to be at, out of everyone you know. Invitations to join in on bush adventures will provide so much time to practice your new skills that you will soon be an expert Camp Oven cook and a Bush poet Reciter of note.

And if you spot a fire way out in the middle of some endless black soil plain, with two blokes in hats sharing its light. And if you see one bloke standing and gesturing wildly, whilst the other is seated and watching intently, the chances are it is us. So give a cooee and we will invite you in to join our company and to share our bush heritage.

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