Remember Us

March 4, 2009 by  
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Saying goodbye to friends is harder than saying goodbye to family. You are usually glad to see your families go and you know they’ll always be in touch. With a friend it often means a long parting with few exchanges in between.

Bush Poetry by Andrew Hull

When you’re laughing with the new friends that you make.
And you draw the similarities to here.
Make all your old friends the first memories you take,
And always the first people that you trust.
Then if you shed a happy tear,
Remember us.

Remember us
By the river, in the starlight and the sun.
The special places you have known a while.
The images of these places will all merge into one,
And if you can’t recall one day, don’t fuss.
Because when they make you smile,
Remember us

Remember us
Who’ve been to you a family, of a kind,
Complete with bad times as well as good.
Retain all the good times freshly in your mind,
And leave all the bad ones out to rust.
Then when you think you should,
Remember us.

© Andrew Hull