Dingo’s Breakfast

There is something life giving about rolling out of the swag at daylight in the bush, with cockatoos and parrots flicking through the trees, their voices harsh like the climate. The smell of eucalypt smoke and the first sounds of the fire starting to crackle as it is rekindled from last nights coals. The sight of fellow campers stirring not quite yet awake, peering over the tops of their swags first worried, then relieved to see that someone else is up stoking the fire and putting the billy on.

In the swagmans days, often there was little or no tucker in the tucker bags and this is probably where the “Dingo’s Breakfast” originated from.

Basically a Dingo’s Breakfast is to get up at day light, “have a piss and a good look around”, before setting off on your way again.

What you need

  • Full bladder
  • Empty tucker bags

What you do

Gaze about the bush whilst emptying the bladder.

Tricks & Tips

Whistling is optional.


Not very nutritious