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Howdy, a quick word – The Re-Mains website, is now wired for digital sales – and we’ve got the new album Inland Sea up there, for $20 plus $5 postage etc as well as a subscription for 12 unreleased Re-Mains tracks as digital downloads – with more of them to come if you sign on.

Gigs coming up – it’s all on the website but today, notably, I’m playing Dylanfest at Coraki for any locals. Thassright, 10 bands playing nothing but Bob Dylan. Fellow coalfacer Den Hanrahan is also on the bill, as well as ex-Re-main Dave Ramsey, Mick Hart and a heap of other outfits. We’re playing as Mick Daley and the Antiquarian Fillibuster, doing Idiot Wind, Mozambique, Tangled Up in Blue, Oh Sister, Jokerman, Sweetheart Like You, Just Like A Woman, I Want You and Lay Lady Lay.

Leigh Ivin’s back on board for more shows – Melbourne on the 19th and 20th for starters …And a huge thank you to Andrew Drane, who set this up for us.

Cheers, Mick


Nymagee Outback Music Festival – A Day In The Dirt

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The Nymagee Outback Music Festival….a myth or a real event? Rumoured to be the birthplace of Country Rock n Roll …..yes it is real, in fact, like the sixties, if you havent been there then its impossible to explain anyway….this year, the action flows with the single day of frenzied activity and its our 10th Birthday !

The infamous festival site jammed between the industrial copper-slag pile and the radio-active green water store still slumbers in its creative hibernation & the festival has moved like a ragged tweenager into the town proper. Multiple performance stages, new and improved artists (as well as the crusty old ones that you’ve come to know and love) all the important elements remain – A Day in the Dirt – a festival for the artists, by the artists – Visit to find out how to get your name on the list & start packing your swag in preparation for Nymagee 09 – A Day in the Dirt, Saturday the 31st October.

Acts for this year include Neil Murray, The Re-Mains, Den Hanrahan, The Junes, Jackie Marshall, Jeff Gibson, The Lonely Horse Band, Van Walker, Leah Flanaghan, Liz Stringer, Tonchi, Andrew Hull and more…..

Information Links:

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James Price (Kimberley coast, WA) gas plant update: the Last Frontier sold out.

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hi folks,

it is with great sadness that i make this post.
yesterday a select group of people put together by the kimberley land
council voted to allow the liberal gov of wa to proceed to the next
step of constructing a massive polluting gas hub on a pristine part of
australia’s coast.
trading 60 000+ years of cultural songlines for a billion dollars over
30 years, these particular traditional owners have been told they will
get schools, houses, medical centres… hang on, shouldn’t those
things be a given right to all australians?
i was there 2 weeks ago and bear witness to a living, thriving culture
and ecosystem, the likes that hasn’t been seen by the rest of
australians since 1788. think bourke nsw before the tribes were
trucked to brewarrina from all over west nsw, never to see their
birthplace again, and the cotton industry destroyed the darling river
and the billabongs and waterholes in the entire river system, and if
you doubt this fact then you either own a cotton farm, or they own
you, or you dont know or love anything. i haven’t seen a catfish in
the western nsw area since i was 10 years old.
so i’ve had enough of industry dictating what happens on australian
people’s land. i’ve had enough of people being misinformed by
governments and industry groups, and their buddies in media so they
obtain their support. and i’ve had enough of watching my country
slowly lose what makes it unique and beautiful to the world.
in a nut shell, there is a huge gas reserve under the sea near broome.
james price point, 60 k’s north of broome, has been selected as a gas
hub site, a massive polluting industrial plant. there are reefs there
that are as beautiful as the great barrier reef, teeming with turtles,
dugongs, fish of every description, and a whale breeding ground.
they will be blasted to allow ships to enter, roads constructed,
1000’s of acres of traditional cultural sites locked up from the
locals who continue to sing this land as they have since humans have
been in australia.
recently i performed with the pigram brothers, john butler, kuckles
band, scrap metal, rob hirst (midnight oil), shane howard and others
at a concert in broome where 4500 local people came to show their
opposition to the gas hub.
the liberal wa premier barnett has called james price point a
“worthless fishing spot, a non-descript coastline”.
joe roe, the one man who speaks for that place, calls it walmadany,
like his grandfathers have through the ages.
while the pyramids in egypt, mexico and the great wall of china were
built, rome was burned, judaism, islam and christianity emerged,
before the maoris arrived in new zealand, joe roe’s family have lived
and loved, walked and sung the stories of creation on this land… to
this day he and his tribe continue that tradition, and yearly they
take over 100 white people on a journey of discovery on that very
land, opening and sharing a living breathing, intact and vital
culture, right through james price point, walking a 80 klm songline,
or dreaming pathway. it is a heritage trail, like the snowy mountains,
valued by australians.
if this gas hub is constructed, the whole notion of mabo (australia
was not a terra nulius), heritage, culture must be thrown out the
so i’m asking you to educate yourself about what it is we could lose
if you and me do nothing.
next month in may tiger airways has $60 return flights to perth. i
would encourage anyone with a beating heart to see for themselves what
all of australia must have once looked like: pristine, alive,
thriving, with a strength in culture that has (impossibly) survived
through the ages.
i’m not apologising if i’m sounding a little emotional, it takes a bit
to fire me up, but this is one battle worth fighting for.
there are other options for the gas hub, including building it in
nearby karratha, already a cesspool of human misery and destroyed
country, or floating it way out to sea.
what can be done? well minister garrett has the last say. there is a
two year environmental report underway on the area. despite what media
reports and wa state and commonwealth gov say, it is NOT a foregone
conclusion. there is hope in you, in me, in the people we can educate
about james price point and the battle for walmadany.
these links are not exhaustive, but i hope you get a chance to read
through them, grab a cup of tea, and pass this information on to other
australians and supporters overseas.
much love and respect..


More info at following links:,27574,25339785-2761,00.html,25197,25340481-5006789,00.html


Walmadany Concert for Heritage

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Hi there friends, comrades, like souls and earth lovers..

On Friday the 27th of March there is a huge concert up in Broome to raise awareness and support for the many thousands of Broome and Kimberly locals who are devastated that the WA state Liberal Gov, supported by the Commonwealth are planning a massive Gas plant RIGHT on the reef of James Price Point, destroying untold beauty, cultural song lines and people’s spirit in the process… not to mention the millions of dollars in revenue that tourism brings to Broome…

The Pigram Brothers, local international stars, have called on a bunch of friends to help them make a musical statement about this development, in support of the land, speaking for the land if you like..

I’ve been invited to perform the song we wrote together called “The Last Frontier”. Along with Shane Howard, Patrick Davies, John Butler, Paul Kelly, Missy Higgins, we hope to get local Broome voices heard by the international and national community. It may even get podcast on JJJ so you can check it out..

So, we really need your help to pass on this information to your contacts, people power has worked before!

For the Land, not the bastards who look set to make billions of dollars while trashing truly pristine, untouched, beautiful country.

If you have never been to WA, just imagine what NSW, VIC looked like 200 years ago and your getting close…

Tonchi McIntosh

Read more and see video – ABC Perth

Walmadany Concert for Heritage

Walmadany Concert for Heritage

Performing Artists Featured

ROB HIRST (midnight oil)
ANGUS GRANT (scotland)

FREE ENTRY from 4pm

Donations gratefully accepted at entrance/exit gate to help cover costs of concert Law Keeper and Custodian  for the Goolarabooloo heritage, Joseph Roe,

has asked the Pigram Brothers and friends to create this cultural celebration  – “Walmadany Concert for Heritage” The WA State Government have said they will build a gas processing precinct at Walmadany (James Price Point) 60 km north of Broome on the Kimberley coast and are even prepared to compulsorily acquire this land.

Apart from the obvious environmental and social impact of such proposed industrialization, this event hopes to draw attention to the significant social and cultural values at stake in Broome should this development proceed.

Excerpt from the invitation to artists :

“The law and song cycles of Walmadany (James Price Point) are not ancient dreamtime history. This law has been kept alive through my grandfather Paddy Roe and now through me. If the threatened development goes ahead our Country is gone for good. Our Country holds our heritage including burial sites, and most importantly the Song

Cycle that runs through this country from the north of the Dampier Peninsula from Burringbarr (Swan Point) to Wabbina (Bidyadanga)  Your voice can help draw attention to this great plight and help protect our ancient and sacred song cycles – Bugarigaara



Dear Arts Lovers!

Please find below a brief outline of upcoming events for Bourke Arts Council 2009 kindly put together by Kristie Ware-Smiles from Bourke Arts Council.  Watch local press for further details of these exciting events and of the first Bourke Arts Council meeting FOR 2009 soon!  NEW MEMBERS VERY WELCOME – definitely no experience necessary!

Leesa Cannon
Bourke Arts Council

Sat 7th March

“The Remains”
Psycho Billy Mayhem Music

Port O Bourke Hotel
Time: 7ish

 Sat 21st March

Outdoor Movie night “Tropfest” 09
plus “Children of the Lost City” blurb coming

Dinner and Film  $16
Gidgee Guesthouse – Cnr Sturt and Oxley Sts
Time 7.00pm
BYOG / deck chairs, Mossie stuff.

 Sat April 18th

Darren Hanlon
Quirky singer /songwriter aka Nymagee tag “big man blanket” Darren has performed in many other countries and still wants to come back to Bourke

Gidgee Guesthouse
Time and cost – to be announced

 May 11th / 12th/ 13th

Christina Olsen
Workshops with schools – singing  guitar and dance

Christina will also do a performance 13th or 14th
Gidgee Guesthouse – to be announced

 July 5th

Jackie Marshall and Lucie Thorn
Singer / songwriters

Gidgee Guesthouse
Time and cost – to be announced

Gidgee Guest House will also be hosting Bell Shakespeare again
This date to be announced


… so put these dates on your calendar and we will follow up with more info


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Do you live in Bourke, or are from Bourke, or have you been to Bourke. Let us know what you think of about this outback town and it’s surrounding areas.


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Do you live in Forbes, or are from Forbes, or have you been to Forbes. Let us know what you think of about this great town.