Underground Mutton Maryland (Rabbit)

Rabbits turn fodder into protein that can be consumed by humans, faster and more efficiently than any other animal on the planet. They also breed fast and can adapt to extraordinary climatic changes. They are also bloody good to eat.

What you need

  • One rabbit per man
  • Or you can just buy some chicken Maryland pieces from the butchers
  • Tin of tomatoes, or preferably some nice ripe fresh ones
  • A couple of onions, sliced
  • A couple of Zucchinis, chopped
  • Garlic cloves, crushed
  • Chilli Powder or chilli sauce
  • Couple of tablespoons of oil
  • Australian red wine
  • Water or tomato juice

What you do

Cut rabbits into four pieces. Drop garlic, chilli, onions and rabbit pieces into a hot camp oven and stir while it browns a little. Splash in some red wine when nice and hot, chuck in all of the rest of the ingredients along with a cup of water, or better still tomato juice, and throw on the lid. For this one you want all of the juices to stay in the pot and boil out, so keep the lid lifting to a minimum and use your ear to keep the oven simmering at a nice steady pace.
When half cooked have a sip of the juice to make sure it is spicy enough, if not add more chilli.
It’s ready when the meat is falling off the bone, usually takes a sixpack or so to get this affect.

Tricks & Tips

The trick with rabbits is getting a good one. Make sure it has nice clear eyes and generally looks young and healthy and it usually will be. 
Don’t be frightened to let it all marinate for a day before cooking, it will only make it even better.


A great feed, bursting with spicy flavours.