The Darling Dream

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Ron started this poem at the age of 19 and then twelve years later wrote the second verse. The inspiration to finish being triggered by a painting done by Hully with the theme of “Dreaming on the Darling”

Bush poetry by Ronnie Wilson

On the edge of the blue bush plains where the “Darling” banks are steep
And the black soil when it rains is around about waist deep
Where the ghost gums lean and sway 
Home and shelter for the Western Grey
And the Black Cocky’s laugh and act the loon 
And the billabongs shimmer to a blood red moon
This land is alive you can feel its pulse 
With the silouheting sunset on the Brolga’s waltz
And wherever I go and wherever I’ve been 
My mind carries me back on a “Darling Dream”

From the winters frosty mornings to the summers searing glare
And the wild flowers in between them and the Gidgee scented air
And the curling red sand ridges, like waves upon a shore
Break on black soil beaches before pulling back for more
And all along the shoreline when long shadows tend to cast
The present and the future blend with an ancient past
Then history repeats all over in the rising of the sun
But each millennia in its coming is just another one
And if time was just a measure of what a man has seen
Then I have lived forever, from seeing a “Darling Dream”

© Ron Wilson