Yab Babs

February 2, 2009 by  
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The trouble with these things is, to make them, you have to prepare a heap of yabbies that are already peeled. So for every one you put on a skewer, you eat about ten. Yabbies are like peanuts and beer, one is too many and fifty is not enough.

What you need

  • Cooked yabby tails
  • A couple of “Sweet Chilies” (They are the really long thick ones, 
    Capsicum will do but it is not as good)
  • A couple of onions sliced length ways
  • Bacon
  • Fencing wire cut ten inches long for the kebab sticks

What you do

Wrap each tail in bacon and thread onto wire with pieces of sweet chilli and onion in between every tail. Cook until bacon is crispy. Bewdiful!

Tricks & Tips

You can cook this on the barby or on the floor of your camp oven


I wonder what the poor people are eating.