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The township of Forbes is situated along the Lachlan River in the “heart of the luscious Lachlan Valley” on the Newell Highway. The area is fast becoming a popular place to visit given its magnificent heritage, community spirit and colourful character.

The rooms beneath the Albion Hotel have a story of their own. It is believed they were used extensively during this period to convey gold and money to and from the banks to avoid the threat of robbery at street level. The Albion Hotel has established the Bushranger Hall of Fame featuring the deeds of Ben Hall, Frank Gardiner, John O’Meally and many others who contributed to the ”happenings” of that time. Hall and his gang left a marked impression on Forbes’ history.

They were well known for their daring robberies of stage coaches and banks. Ben Hall is buried in the Forbes Cemetery, and a statue is located at the Forbes Visitors Information Centre.

The town has featured for many years in the National Tidy Towns competition and achieved the major award in 1993.

The shire is not only rich in agriculture but also in history. The many unique buildings dating back to the late 1800’s make the town appealing to visitors along with the tranquility of Lake Forbes and the Lachlan River. The historic value of Forbes is enormous and has been boosted by the facinating Heritage Trail detailing significant landmarks, buildings and people that contributed to the colourful past.

The shire has several tourist attractions including two historic wineries, an alpaca farm, a historical museum, and a native wildlife sanctuary.

Walking or bus tours of the town are available by contacting the Forbes Tour Guides on 02 6851 1929. These tours will allow you an in-depth view of what makes Forbes, its people and its colourful attributes.