Kellogg’s Yellowbelly

Yellowbelly is without doubt a far better fish than any traditional seafood. It has a tender white flesh and delicate flavour. And you will not eat a better crumbed fish prepared in this manner. Thanks again go to a friend and legendary camp oven cook, John, for this recipe which cannot, under any circumstances, fall into the hands of a fish and chip shop-owner.

What you need

  • Yellowbelly fillets
  • Corn crumbs (There on the same shelf as the breadcrumbs mate)
  • Cornflour (Its on the same shelf as the flour mate)
  • Egg and milk beaten up
  • 2 Sheets of newspaper
  • Olive oil

What you do

Sprinkle corn flour onto a sheet of newspaper and do the same to the corn crumbs. Place fillet onto flour and roll the edges of the newspaper around till it is covered all over. Dip into the beaten up egg and make wet. Then repeat step one on the corn crumbs. Place in a quarter of an inch of olive oil that is simmering not bubbling and cook until golden brown.

Tricks & Tips

We all know out here at the back of Bourke that the Darling River Yellowbelly is far superior to your common variety. It is safer to have your oil too hot than too cold. The fish does not require much cooking, but the crumb coating may go soggy if the oil is not hot enough.


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