Day 7 – Templeton’s Crossing 2 to Isurava

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From Templeton’s 2 we were following the Eora creek down the valley. Working our way along the ridge up and down same as always. We must have climbed up a fair amount and past a lot of fox holes, so we knew were in a very active part of the track during the war. You could hear the creek roaring down below. The track was fairly tricky, wet and steep as we then climbed down towards the creek. We came out on a flat bit of ground with a couple of shelters and a memorial plaque explaining the battle that took place there. We were about 50 meters above the Eora creek. This bit of ground was a major staging point for the troops when moving back and forward on the track. Down to the creek for a rest and lunch to wait for tractor and all to catch up.


This was a spot of a major battle when the diggers were retaking the track. The Japs had the high ground.

This was a spot of a major battle when the diggers were retaking the track. The Japs had the high ground.



This was the view the Japs had of Eora Creek staging post. The Japs bombed our troops from this view.

Of course it was another bloody creek and what did we have to do but climb out the other side. At the top of the ridge there was a track of to the left. Max got us to leave our packs and head up this track to the top about 10 minutes walk. This we found was a major Jap encampment back then. They had made a clearing for HQ and positions for the gun and machine gun to fire down on the Aussies at the flat bit of ground we were just on. The Japs had dug fox holes and tunnels on this hill to protect themselves. All this is still there. There is a keeper that lives there to preserve the site.

The rest of the day was just a walk along the side of the ridge heading to our overnight stop. Max had one surprise for us. At one ridge he said there was a wreck of a Jap plane on top. So few of us went with him to look but Max got lost couldn’t find it and after an hour or so we came back down to the main track to where we started. Phillip said it is up there but a long way up at the top of the ridge, it would have been a long climb.

This was also the day Zac Rennick and Viv fell back to walk with Norm and Tractor to keep them company. Sounds like they had a good time. They went slow taking time to look and smell the roses as it was not a hard finish for the days walk. Norm took time out to give young Zac (21 years) a botany lesson along the way. Norm was doing pretty well with the bullshit names he was making up for the flowers. I can’t remember the name, but he gave himself up when Zac asked why all the holes in the leaves on the ground. Norm’s reply that’s the Australian dung beetle. Viv made sure that story came out when we all regrouped. We were all in camp by late afternoon I think about half past three. Our second last night on the track Isurava guest house. It had a nice grassy flat bit ground just right for sleeping. So we all set up for that, then a small drop of rain and our gear went back inside the hut of course no more rain.

Story written by Ian Bown of Forbes

For more pictures visit the Kakoda Gallery


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