Mexican Yabbie Barbs

Don’t let any Mexicans in on this recipe, or we’ll have to start thinking of something that rhymes with enchilada and hombre. And we don’t want to be the ones who send ‘Akubra’ broke because everybody wants a sombrero all of a sudden.

What you need

• Tomato Sauce
• Chilli Sauce
• Yabby tails
• Lemon

What you do:

Mix tomato sauce and Chilli sauce in equal amounts, add lemon juice and stir. Pour over yabby tails and leave for an hour. Then chuck the lot onto the barby or the camp oven floor and cook till they are a bit crispy.

Tricks & Tips:

Use a toothpick to eat with. King prawns also go well like this. As with any sort of marinade, it can get a bit messy. The marinade often burns before the meat is cooked, so a fairly low heat is preferable.

If you want to hook straight into your yabbies without worrying about the ‘pooh shute’ (you big girl) then pull it out before you cook them. Grab the yabby by either side of the head, just behind the claws. There are five ‘fins’ at the end of the tail, give the middle one a twist each way and the ‘pooh shute’ will come away with it.


Top Tucker.


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