Burnt Water Stew

This is a top stew for the camp where cooking skills are at the ‘burnt water’ level throughout, and if you don’t get a real feed soon your going to die. Though it is foolproof to make it is an excellent meal and a real good base to start experimenting with a more adventurous stew.

What you need:

  • Neck chops, 3 per man plus an extra couple I usually say. 
    (Hogget being the first choice.)
  • 2 Onions per man
  • 2 spuds per man
  • 2 carrots per man
  • 1 tin of peas per 3 men
  • 1 tin of corn per 3 men
  • Pumpkin if you have some there, use same as spuds
  • Water
  • 1 sixpack of beer per man

What you do

Warm your camp oven up and chuck in the chops and onions put the lid on and just let them do they’re own thing while you peel the vegies and open the tins. As soon as all the vegies are prepared chuck them in. Fill up with water to just under the level of food, probably an inch under food level would be good enough you can always add more if you want later but usually that is plenty.

Keep a bit of an eye on it until it starts to simmer, then if your happy that it is bubbling along at an even pace sit down and drink beer.

The meal is ready when the meat is no longer on the bone, all the beer is gone, or you are too hungry to wait any longer

Tricks & Tips

You can use any meat at all for this recipe but for a tender, tasty meal, you can not beat the neck chops.

Now, with camp oven cooking the longer the meal stays in the pot the better eating it will be. So theoretically the more beer you drink the better the stew will be. We generally use the six pack rule as a minimum requirement, 2 six packs guarantees a top feed and three six packs who bloody cares anyway.

From this base recipe you can try adding curry or a good dash of Worcestershire sauce, some herbs or chilli anything but just stick to little bits at a time so that you don’t stuff it up.


Better than a jab in the eye from a burning stick that’s for sure. Response always increases with the number of beers anyway, try it you’ll like it, And if you really are at the ’burnt water’ level, you’ll be amazed.‘


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