Curried Bush Prawns

Those of you unfortunate enough not to have access to real yabbies can substitute King Prawns or some other unworthy crustacean. The other ingredients for this recipe are bound to be in your camp kit so it usually becomes something of a staple around bush camps.

What you need

  1. 10 yabby’s per man (cooked)
  2. 1 onion per man
  3. Half a capsicum per man
  4. 1 spud per man chopped small
  5. Some peas 
  6. Some cabbage chopped
  7. A dash of soy sauce if you have it
  8. A couple of tablespoons of curry powder
  9. A packet of prawn flavoured noodles 
    (Maggi noodles come with different flavoured sachets inside)

What you do

De claw yabby’s and put claws on ice. Peel tails and chuck with everything else in the camp oven except for the noodles and prawn flavouring cover with water and bring to the boil then add flavouring and stir in. Then add the noodles by crushing them in your hand and letting them fall into the oven. Give it a stir and let simmer for twenty minutes.

Tricks & Tips

While you are preparing the meal drop the claws on ice then while the meal is cooking eat the icy cold claws with an icy cold beer for an entree.


Excellent, Better than cat chow mien anyway.


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