Day 5 – Efogi 2 to Kagi Village

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The first big thing planned for today was the food drop. It was planned for 8.00am but you know how time works up here. Any way we had a look around the village we didn’t mind the slow start and chat with Max and Phillip for a while. We all headed down to the air strip and the porters put on a show on for us in the form of a game of touch footy. Funniest thing you have ever seen. Some form of league and touch rules, they knew what they were doing. Clinton was the king with 4 tries. They cackle and talk but never argued all game. Horse and Harry went down and joined in. They never scored down Harry’s wing though I have known idea why, they all could have run around him on one leg. Then all the villagers arrived all excited the plane was coming only 2 hours late no problem. A twin engine ten seater, landed on an up hill runway in about 300 meters. On takeoff all the kids get excited and stand behind the plane for the wind of the props, we went down the runway as it came down towards us in take off and lifted of right over our heads very exciting.

Josh, Steve (The Golden Child) and David (Horse) standing where the plane finishes. The plane was starting to get close.

Josh, Steve (The Golden Child) and David (Horse) standing where the plane finishes. The plane was starting to get close.

Josh said Oh Shit!! Time to move.

Josh said Oh Shit!! Time to move.

Back up to camp and the porters sorted out all the supplies and off we went.  Only a half hour climb up to our first stop at Efogi Village No 2 where we had an early lunch as it was the last stop before the finish of the day. At Efogi No 2 village there was a few kids and one little girl, she was about one and half years old dragging around a machete about the same size as her. Look strange to us but they were not worried. 

We climbed down to a creek that had a good size log crossing. The young guns were standing on the other side when I got there, so I wet my towel and shirt rather than going for a swim like I felt like doing as it was very hot and that was my mistake. This next climb was the last of the day up to Kagi village but it was steep.

Not a long climb 420 meters but straight up and tricky, very snaky wet ground. There was a creek running down the hill to the other creek. No picture can do it justice. Very picturesque, but a tough climb. We were right in amongst the trees here very thick scrub. Wet slippery ground due to no sunlight. The track kept switching back on itself. You could see someone 30 meters above you but you would walk 80 meters to get to that height. About an hour and half climb and we came out at Kagi airstrip at the base of the village. This is Max’s home village so they were happy to see us. Clean and tidy about half the size of Efogi village.

Being finished early was a chance to relax and wash. But the water broke down so we had to wait till later when it got fixed. Milto found some cokes so we had drink and relaxed.  While Milto was getting the cokes he also found Max’s Brother who also lived in the village and while he was talking to him, he found out that he had a son named Trent. Named after Trent Barrett the dragon footballer. (True story).  So he brought him down to meet us dragon supporters, to see if we had anything for him. I had a new dragon’s cap in the pack, so Milto and I had a photo with Trent and his new cap. Last seen heading up to mum and dad with a big smile on his face.

We all had a big fresh dinner that night due to the new supplies, Curry chicken and steamed rice, best feed of the walk and the porters had there first and only big meal of the trip that I saw. They were full of good cheer that night, they sang and danced for long into the dark that night. They maybe had some extra smokes I think. (Their special smokes)

Story written by Ian Bown of Forbes

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