Intro – Eating Natives

There are laws protecting our national emblem animals these days, all though most of the earlier settlers would have starved to death if the Kangaroo and the Emu weren’t around to provide a staple.

We therefore are not encouraging you to go out and shoot a roo or an emu for tea, but if you happen to hit one with your car, (which is not against the law but usually costly), and if you happen to only run over its head, then I suppose it would be a shame to waste the meat.

Then again you could always just substitute the meat with something you picked up from the butchers. And some clever butchers even sell native farm bred meats.

All true bushies are conservationists, the importance of looking after the environment in which they live and their children will live is simple bush logic. We practice what we preach and encourage you to do the same, take your rubbish with you and never catch more than you need.


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