Pineapple Hog

If you had the foresight to bring a tin of pineapples on a camping trip, then you probably are prepared to go to the trouble of making this recipe. It’s not difficult if you can hold the pig down long enough to cut the little bits of pork off him.

What you need

• Leftover meat from the “Pigs in the Pineapple Patch” recipe
• Mince 
• 1 tin of pineapple pieces finely chopped
• Sprinkling of Sultanas
• Egg and milk
• Flour or breadcrumbs

What you do

Chop roast pork into tiny bits, add equal parts of mince, add the pineapple pieces and the sultanas. Beat eggs and a dash milk together then add to brew. Give the whole show a good stir until it reaches a nice, sticky consistency, then squeeze into rissoles and roll onto the flour or bread crumbs. Cook in half an inch of oil till golden brown on each side.

Tricks & Tips

Put the lot into a pie dish sprinkle with bread crumbs and call it Sweet Meatloaf. I’m sure all you bush cooks know that the best way to roll a rissole is in your armpit.


Eyebrow raiser.


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