What is Bushroots?

April 14, 2009 by  
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During my time on the road visiting rural Australia, I am always meeting people who are doing some great things through various creative mediums including art, music, publishing and business. Bushroots.com is a personal non-profit website to showcase some of these ideas and to serve as a base for various projects I undertake personally.
You will discover a lot of the creative work showcased on bushroots.com is submitted by a good mate of mine Andrew Hull along with various ‘collaborators’. I am fortunate to have access to these contributions and do my bit to promote some great Australian talent . Other content will include contributions from Tonchi McIntosh, John ‘Tractor’ Rennick, bush artists, friends and anyone who has something to offer to the bush flavour of this site.
Re-launched in February 09, I expect Bushroots to grow over time through new ideas and features and a broader range of content. The new format will be helpful in forming some interesting and creative networks by providing some real support to rural artists. Hopefully the new content will also make Bushroots an entertaining site to visit, as this is what it is all about!